An Old Ohio Barn

old ohio barn

As the morning sun rises behind this old barn all is quiet.  There are no animals moving around and making noise.  There is no farmer in the barn getting morning chores done.  The lonely old barn just sits year after year falling farther into disrepair.

What happened that this barn is sitting empty?  As I sit looking at it, I can still imagine what is missing.  The farmer is getting the tractor out of the barn to plow the field for planting.  His wife is in the barn milking the cow to prepare breakfast.  The boy is mucking out stalls and the little girl is playing with her new kitten.

These old barns have so many stories to tell of the lives that have been lived in them. Next time you drive past an old barn spend a little time thinking of how life was back when the barn was one of the most important parts of the farm.


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