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Bring the wonder of nature indoors

I specialize in precious moments in time at places across America, for every moment brings a change to nature that may not be captured again. Through my photography I try to capture for the viewer the sense of wonder I am filled with when you find that perfect moment. I hope you hear the rushing water of the waterfall, or feel the heat of the sun as it shines on the beach, or imagine the stories that an old barn could tell. I travel across the country hoping to find the perfect vista to capture nature's beautiful landscapes.

When I was a small girl I developed of love of photography when my dad took me with him to shoot and a love of travel when my grandparents took me on vacations with them. Now over 40 years later I still love photography and traveling. 

Gallery Shows
2016 - Female Photographers of Etsy exhibit, Janice Mason Art Gallery, Kentucky
2017 - Female Photographers of Etsy exhibit, 1857 Hotel, Kentucky


Nature's Vista Photography is located in a small rural community in western Ohio