Black-Eyed Susan or Brown-Eyed Susan

Brown Eyed Susan flower close up
The scientific name is rudbeckia, so they are the same.  But they do look different depending on where they are grown.  Other common names are brown betty, poor land daisy, yellow daisy and blackiehead.  There are 10 species of rudbeckia.  There common traits are deep golden yellow, daisy like petals with a button shaped center in varying shades of black to brown, and dark green lobed leaves.  They grew here in the US long before the settlers.  Native Americans used the plant for medicinal purposes.  They are found growing wild or planted in manicured flower gardens across the US.  Maryland chose this flower to represent their state in 1918.

There is an English poem titled “Black Eyed Susan” written by John Gay that tells of a “black eyed susan” coming aboard a ship looking for her “sweet william” that is believed to be the inspiration for the name of this flower. 

Whichever name you choose to call them, this stunning flower just says “summer” and always brings a bright cheerful feeling to any location where its grown.  Seeing the bright sunny Black-Eyed Susan growing is a sight that will bring a smile.

So, what do you choose to call them? 

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