Discover a Bit of History at Kentucky's Taylorsville Lake

Yates log cabin at Taylorsville Lake State Park in Kentucky

On the north side of the lake you will find the US Army Corp of Engineers Visitor Center. A short interpretive trail explaining the local history is located here.  Follow the trail and it will lead you to the Historic Area.  The Historic area consists of the Yates Log Cabin and the old Ashes Creek Schoolhouse.  The log cabin was built in the 1840’s. The one room schoolhouse was built in the mid 1800’s and used until 1948. Both buildings were moved so they would not be destroyed as United States Army Corps of Engineers flooded the area where they were originally built to form Taylorsville lake.

Need to Know

  • Location - 2825 Overlook Rd, Taylorsville, Kentucky
  • Admission is free
  • A picnic area is located at the visitor center
  • Behind the visitor center is an overlook with views of the dam and lake
  • There is a smaller parking lot located closer to the historic area


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