Kentucky Backroads Find

An old shed in the forest with purple wildflowers all around
One of my favorite things to do is drive the backroads to see what interesting things I can find.  One late afternoon I left Taylorsville Lake State Park in Kentucky and stumbled across this old building partially hidden in the late summer Ironweed.  I wonder about the past of these old buildings and make up stories of life around them when they were still in use. 

I imagine this was a garden shed.  Sitting at the edge of a large garden filled with shovels and hoes and other garden necessities.  My great grandparents lived in Kentucky and I can still picture Grandma out in the garden in her garden apron and straw hat pickin' beans.  Then we would sit on the porch and string them.

This old building sits alone now on the rolling hills of this Kentucky farmland.  The field that once held a large garden now growing with wildflowers that will eventually hide it from view.

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