Noah "Bud" Ogle Barn on the Roaring Fork Nature Trail in the Smoky Mountains

Noah "Bud" Ogle barn

Noah "Bud" Ogle is a decedent of the first settlers in White Oak Flats, Tennessee, now known as Gatlinburg.  On 400 acres of land he built a cabin, barn, and a mill.  He and his wife raised a family, grew corn and tended an apple orchard.

The barn Noah built is common among Appalachian Mountain barns.  It is a crib style barn.  Crib barns are built from logs stacked and dovetailed on the corners to form a square crib.  Most times the cribs are left without chinking filling in the gaps between the logs.  This barn is a 4 crib barn.  There are 4 cribs in each of the four corners of the barn with open passages separating each of the cribs from one side of the barn to the other.  A shake roof is then built over the entire structure with lofts above each of the cribs.

In 1977 this barn and the other structures built by Noah were added to the National Register of Historic Places and will be maintained for all future generations to be able to learn of our past.

Need to Know

  • Located 10 mintues from downtown Gatlinburg - turn at traffic light #8
  • Limited parking
  • No fee

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